You have a Choice in Material Suppliers

Given an extensive background of historically significant achievements it is the goal of the new OPRI to advance itself through bringing new and improved optical polymers and processes to the global optical manufacturing industry.

Custom Turnkey
Laser Marking System
It is not OPRI’s intention or objective to become a competitive threat by manufacturing finished lenses even though we possess proven expertise. OPRI is focused on advancing our customers capabilities by delivering world-class polymers and technical manufacturing support.

There in, OPRI offers its customers one-on-one manufacturing consultation in support of improved lens yields, process efficacies and cost avoidances.

OPRI will in addition provide knowledge, assistance and turnkey systems in the areas of plasma surface cleaning treatment, lens laser marking, RGP lens design, hydrogel (soft) lens manufacturing, sterilization experience and more.

Laser Marked Lens with new FDA Regulated UDI (Unique Device Indentifier) for Class III Medical Devices

Furthermore, particularly but not exclusively, for the larger manufacturer OPRI offers custom polymer batch and lot sizing. This unique offering serves to minimize accumulated tolerance deviations over a recognized production period. Savings estimates may reach 1-3% or higher annually with no additional cost.

While OPRI wants and frankly needs its global laboratory partners to utilize our world-class polymers we are capable and with defined volume commitments contract manufacture unique (OEM) polymers for a partner within respective regional compliance guidelines.

The medical device industry is undergoing a period of unprecedented growth and unprecedented regulation.

Legislative bodies such as the US FDA and the European Commission are enacting regulations for unique device identifiers (UDIs) to improve patient safety, control against counterfeit devices and facilitate post-market surveillance. These regulations define strict policies for the labeling and registration of every single piece of medical equipment.